UK Student Study Visa 


The UK is simplifying the visa process for students. From 6th July 2018, eligible Tier 4 Student Visa applicants from Thailand do not need to provide evidence of finances, previous qualifications, or English language ability when they apply.

What is changing?

11 new countries have been added to the UK Special countries list for streamlined UK Student Study Visa applications.  This new easier system started on the 6th July 2018. Thailand is one of these new countries that benefits from the new UK Visa regulation changes.


What does this mean for your UK Visa application ? 

Well what it means is that you will not need to submit so many supporting documents anymore with your application. You will not need to submit evidence to show that you have enough money to pay for the course or support yourself during your study time in the UK. You will not have to show all your previous certificates of qualification or even evidence of your English language ability.


Do you still have to meet all the requirements to go to study in the UK ?

You do still have to meet all the requirements to go to study in the UK that the University or school or college or Language school asked you to achieve but you do not have to send all the certificates with your UK Student Study Visa application.


But will the UKVI staff ask for any documents at all ? 

Well the UKVI staff  say they might ask a tiny number of applicants for the Student Visa to show their documents so we think it might be a good idea to bring them with you just in case they ask you for them. But it will be very unlikely they do ask you.


So good news for your UK Student Visa Application !!

It makes the Visa application process a little bit easier but the application form is still very long when you start to fill it in !!  So like 100’s of other students before you come and see us at Mentor and we will help you in making the UK Student Visa application.  


Source: British Council Thailand



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