Nelson College

Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz

At a glance:

Type of School: State boys’ secondary school (Year 9 -13) and a private boys’ Preparatory School (Year 7 -8)

Location: Nelson, New Zealand

Nelson College Information:

Nelson College is the oldest state secondary school in New Zealand and was founded in 1856. Nelson is situated at the top of New Zealand’s South Island and has a population of 80.000. The region has a mild sunny climate and easy access to beautiful beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers and National Parks for recreation. It is a friendly, safe small city. From Nelson’s busy regional airport there are daily direct flights to the International airports at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Nelson’s lively city centre is within walking distance of the school.


Academic Programmes: Nelson College has a tradition of academic excellence and is recognised throughout New Zealand as a leader in boys' education both in and out of the classroom. The school offers a wide curriculum selection for students to gain credits towards the National Certificate of Education Achievement (NCEA). International students come to study at Nelson College from 15 countries around the world. We have excellent ESOL courses and offer students an exciting opportunity to learn in a progressive boy's school. ESOL programmes or Specialised English Language Programmes are offered at all levels, taught by trained ESOL teachers. We offer many courses with a strong academic focus as well as arts, drama, music and cultural co-curricular activities. International students can study for the IELTS examination and SAT test.

Pastoral: We accept international students in years 7-8 in private Nelson College Preparatory School and years 9-13 in Nelson College. International students have the choice of living in one of two boarding houses on the college campus. Both houses have been recently renovated and offer modern boarding facilities. Each house has a staff of 5 adult tutors led by a housemaster. In the evenings there is compulsory study time supervised by the tutors. Our dining room caters for boarding students for 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. International students are cared for at school by the International Director and a team of administration staff. Our International Centre was renovated in 2018 and is place for students to relax between classes.



Sport and Culture: Nelson College offers an extensive co-curricular and sports programme with over 30 different sports codes to choose from and many performing arts and cultural options. Our students are encouraged to participate in activities outside of the classroom. Many highlights on the school calendar feature cultural and performing arts events. Several of these productions are held jointly with Nelson College for Girls including the annual school musical, Shakespeare Festival and Stage Challenge. The opportunity to become involved is extensive in either performance or behind the scenes. The College owns an outdoor education lodge in the mountains near the school and all students have the opportunity to study there. We offer an exciting outdoor education programme. Students are encouraged to make an informed choice on course selections by considering personal strengths and interests, career options and future study plans along with seeking advice from key staff, family and careers advisors in order to have the best possible outcome.