At a glance:

Type of School: Co-educational 

Location: Massachusetts, United States

Age range: 13– 17

Number of students: 272

Number of boarders: 126



MacDuffie is an independent college preparatory school for students in grades 6 – 12. Founded in 1890 as a school for women, MacDuffie began admitting young men in 1991. The school holds accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and College MacDuffie’s integrated and interdisciplinary approach to learning helps students comprehend the board connections between subjects while learning in-depth information in each academic discipline. Courses across the curriculum emphasize writing, critical thing and analysis, computer use and research, cooperative learning, and a multicultural focus, Science courses accentuate laboratory work, and math courses focus on problem solving. Upper level language courses employ original texts, and student often excel in national language exams.  


Academic Programmes: The MacDuffie School has a long tradition of providing a rigorous academic college preparatory program. Our curriculum is designed around the liberal arts tradition where students are educated in many subjects and have opportunities for integrated learning experiences. We facilitate this through small class sizes and student groups created according to abilities and interest. Students at The MacDuffie School will find a curriculum that includes a focus on leadership development, global stewardship, and appreciation for diversity. The curricular emphasis on critical thinking and writing skills prepare students for the next step in their academic career; extracurricular and co-curricular programs nurture talents and interests to ensure that students have a well-rounded educational experience. In particular, students have the opportunity to work both collaboratively and independently in their coursework as well as in community and service learning programs, as the skills they learn in these settings translate well to postgraduate life.

ฺBoarding : MacDuffie boarding students are part of a supportive multicultural community, living together in double and single rooms in newly refurbished dormitories with a caring residential life staff. Students build strong relationships with other boarding students from the United States and from around the world, as well as with residential staff, many of whom are also their classroom teachers and coaches during the school day. 



Art: The purpose of Art Education at MacDuffie is to facilitate self-expression, build confidence, and ultimately enhance the student’s life.

We teach creation and appreciation of visual and performing arts to foster artistic literacy. The MacDuffie Arts department offers courses in dancemusictheater, and visual arts. Students develop creative thinking skills, work collaboratively, express ideas in verbal and nonverbal ways, and present a finished product. Our instructors are active artists who expose students to various art forms inside and outside of the classroom.

Sports: Our after-school interscholastic athletic program is an important part of a student’s educational experience. We offer a variety of teams for both boys and girls during all three seasons. The Varsity program provides a competitive team experience where outcome and achievement are a high priority. All students are encouraged to participate, regardless of their skill level. MacDuffie Athletics is committed to promoting the ideals of sportsmanship, respect, leadership, and integrity. Our goal is to build individual athletic ability, increase physical fitness, and help gain a sense of community.