George Stevens Academy


At a glance:

Type of School: Co-educational 

Location: Maine, United States

George Stevens Academy:

George Stevens Academy is an independent, comprehensive town academy in Blue Hill, a small coastal town on a scenic rural peninsula. Founded as Blue Hill Academy in 1803, it was the first secondary school to open its doors east of the Penobscot River in Down East Maine. The school serves as the 9-12 high school for more than 300 students drawn largely from area towns but including up to 40 international and U.S. boarding students. The academy offers a wide variety of academic classes to meet the diverse needs, aptitudes, and interests of our student body. Though college preparatory courses make up the vast majority of the approximately 150 offered, fundamental courses also are available, as are about three dozen honors and Advanced Placement courses.




Academic Programmes: Engaged, hands-on learning, supportive faculty, small classes, challenging coursework: These are just a few words and phrases that describe GSA's curricular offerings and support. "Sometimes we learn because it satisfies our curiosity, or is self-fulfilling, or expands who we are. Sometimes we learn because it prepares us for later education, or for a career, or to be good citizens of our community. All these aspects of learning can be found in the curriculum and education at GSA," wrote David Stearns, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction at George Stevens. 

Boarding: Here, you can find out about the many clubs on campus and the other extracurricular activities students participate in. Read the Manifesto for Student Success and think about what it means to be a good student and a strong member of an educational community. Check out the information for boarding students, like visa and arrival information and what our dormitories and dining are like. Read about our students in the news. 



Sports: GSA students play on 29 teams in 12 sports over three seasons. Not only is it fun to play a sport and be part of a team, but there are physical and mental benefits as well. Student-athletes learn the discipline needed not only to train, practice, and play on the court or field, but also to balance the demands of a practice and game schedule with full-time study. Take some time to explore our athletics pages. There's the game calendar, and each season includes pages for the sports offered in that season, as well as the practice calendar, schedules, scoreboards, and transportation schedule. You can also read more about sports eligibility; find out about our hall of fame, championships, and awards; download sports documents; and read about GSA athletics in the news.

Creative Arts: Our students take advantage of the wide variety of visual and performing arts courses we offer, but they also explore and share their creativity with the community through musical and theatrical productions at school and other venues, through community exhibitions, in Haystack Studio-Based Learning workshops, and through the spring Arts Festival. The arts encourage us to look inward and outward, to honor tradition and to break new ground, and to find our place in a richer world. Click on the links to find out more about our ongoing extracurricular arts events and special programs. To learn more about our arts courses, visit our Visual and Performing Arts in Academics.