Brewster Academy


At a glance:

Type of School: Co-educational day and boarding school

Location: Wolfeboro, United States

ฺBrewster Academy:

Brewster Academy, an independent boarding/day college preparatory school, provides 360 boys and girls, grades 9 through PG, with a transformative, highly individualized, challenging, and supported education.


The Brewster program integrates best teaching practices along with project-based learning and social and emotional learning curriculum to put the student at the center of the learning process. The faculty is expert at teaching both knowledge and application skills and adept at understanding and teaching to individual learning styles. Use of the innovative teachnologies to optimize teaching and learning is at the foundation of its program. Competitive athletics, a rich arts curriculum, and an intensive community life program offer a community of learning and leadership opportunities.


Academic Programmes: Our academic program has one central goal: to help you become the best possible learner you can be. We want you to become successful in and passionate about your academic endeavors, so that you can head to college with equal measures of curiosity, character, and confidence.

We achieve our goal by meeting you where you are when you arrive and challenging and stretching you appropriately as you hone your skills and develop your talents during your time at Brewster.

This student-centered approach is the way education should be: the perfect balance of academic and emotional development in a place where all can do their best without besting each other.

Sports: Be a part of a team where you are known as a person, challenged as an individual, and respected for your unique talents and abilities on the field, water, court or trail.




Art: Everyone has a creative streak. Maybe yours is hitting those high notes, writing a compelling story, composing music, shaping pottery, or drawing caricatures. At Brewster, you’ll fully tap into your creative potential with our exciting programs in music, theatre, dance, and the visual arts. You’ll have many opportunities to explore your passions, learn something new, develop diverse talents, have fun, and contribute to an artistic community. Because we believe that the arts are an important part of learning, we require all students to take courses in the arts. In addition to classroom study, you’ll participate in arts-related activities in studios and ensembles on campus. You’ll also get to travel beyond campus to perform in concerts, recitals, plays, and musicals, and exhibit your work at art shows.

Student Life: Full, fun, and meaningful days structured so every hour comes packed with activities to help you grow – intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, and personally. Here's a sample:
  • Special weeks – Winter Carnival, Random Acts of Kindness, Philanthropy, and Teacher Appreciation – add a mix of fun, competition, appreciation, and feel-good vibes to the whole community
  • The prep basketball team’s home opener, Saturday night coffee houses, the first polar plunge of the season (brrrrrr!), team day, skiing and riding at the local mountain, and the festive tree lighting are just a few of the celebrations and traditions that bring students and faculty together
  • Head into the community for a service project
  • Relax with a friend over your favorite coffee drink at a downtown cafe
  • Kick back in your dorm, order pizzas, and watch movies with friends