Dauntsey's School


Type of school: Co-educational
Age range : 11–18

Number of students : 820
Number of boarders : 290


Community and collaboration underpin many aspects of Dauntsey’s; it is a happy place with a strong family atmosphere, where friendship matters and where the courteous informality between staff and pupils is highly valued. Our pupils, both boarding and day, come from many different schools and arrive at Dauntsey’s eager to make new friends. Both communities are fully integrated and many boarders make friends with local day pupils. Boarding houses rapidly become home-from-home and fellow boarders become extended family. A range of exciting weekend activities encourage friendship and a sense of community.

Dauntsey’s is a very friendly and open school. The staff care about each and every one of us. It really is like being in a large family.” Margaret, Lower Sixth Form boarder


Academic - All-round education:

Academic excellence is at the heart of all that we do at Dauntsey’s and we are proud of our academic reputation and long tradition of university and examination success.

However, education is much more than grades on a piece of paper. It’s about developing the skills and characteristics, such as resilience, flexibility and a willingness to have a go, which we all need to have a successful, happy life. That’s where our enrichment and extracurricular activities have a crucial role to play. From drama, dance, music, sport and a huge range of clubs and societies, to our lecture series, adventure education programmes and volunteering initiatives – there are opportunities to suit everyone.

The academic curriculum is well-balanced, very wide-ranging and offers a good amount of choice…Teaching is a major strength… ” — Independent Schools Inspectorate, Integrated Inspection Report.



Dauntsey's is very much a family school, one of the strongest elements of which is the boarding house and our thriving boarding community, makes up approximately 45% of pupil numbers.  Pastoral care is given through the structured house system whereby pupils are placed into a boarding house, under the care of a personal tutor who reports to the Housemaster or Housemistress in overall charge of the house.  Houses in the Lower School (for pupils aged 11-13 years) are co-educational, houses in the Upper School (for pupils aged 14-18 years) are single sex.

Coming back to the Manor at the end of the day feels like coming home. There is so much to do and so many people I like - I've certainly never felt lonely! ” — Richard, Second Form Boarder at The Manor

I would really recommend Dauntsey’s to people overseas who are looking at schools in England. It’s a really friendly place – and my English has REALLY improved!” Billy, Second Form Boarder.


Sport and Culture:

The school’s uniquely loyal and friendly atmosphere enables pupils to stretch themselves. We aim to instil a love of learning and a curiosity that will ensure pupils make the most of the many opportunities on offer outside the classroom.

We are lucky to enjoy the open space of a one hundred acre estate.  We make the most of this with our adventure education and extra-curricular programmes.  We aim to push our pupils out of their comfort zone, inside and outside the classroom, and we bring that spirit of adventure to everything we do.  From drama, dance, music, sport and a huge range of clubs and societies, to our own tall ship, the Jolie Brise - which is owned, maintained and sailed by the pupils - there are opportunities to suit every pupil.

My sister and brother (who also went to Dauntsey’s) have always told me to have a go at everything here, there are some really incredible things to get involved in.” Bear, Third Form Boarding Pupil. 

I am almost obsessed with the concept of happiness and believe that it is the key to a successful and rewarding education.  Happy children enjoying a tolerant and harmonious atmosphere will succeed, whatever their talents and aspirations.

I want Dauntsey’s to be a school where every pupil wants to be  - a happy place with a strong sense of community, where friendships run deep and where people care for and support one another.” – Mark Lascelles, Head Master, Dauntsey’s.

Dauntsey's is ... fab.” The Good Schools Guide